We strongly believe in holistic development of all sectors and to achieve this we focus our energy on various programs

We strongly believe that education is the strongest foundation that can be laid for the future of Kalaburagi. Our focus will be to help students, teachers and institutions with best skill improving tools, techniques and training.

  • Build scientific temper
  • Develop soft skills and communication skills
  • Training the trainers
  • Help reduce dropout rates
  • Organise workshops for educators + students
  • Infrastructure

Sports is perhaps the most neglected skill in India.
The initiative intends to help the youngsters of Kalaburagi

  • Nurture talent
  • Provide infrastructure support
  • Help in training with private reputed sports institutions
  • Host training programs
  • Host tournaments that will help grooming talent and improve state and national rankings


The initiative is keen to work on the aspects of better healthcare, clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.

  • Awareness programs + Campaigns
  • Use of technology + Best practices

The initiative strongly advocates that empowerment is the key to success for individuals. We will collaborate with local organizations, Governments and corporates for making the youth more employable and also focus on economic empowerment activities..

  • Conduct skilling + re-skilling programs
  • Training of students in spoken english + communication + soft skills
  • Mock tests for competitive exams
  • Individual livelihood programs
  • Help startups

Aspire : Workshop on studying abroad

Date: 29th February 2020                                                                         Venue: District Science Centre

Time: 10:30 am